5 Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing Your Editing And Proofreading Business


There are tons of ways you can effectively market your editing and proofreading business. However, indecision or not knowing the step to take becomes a stumbling block. If you are still pretty new in the industry, making mistakes becomes almost inevitable. After all, there is no better way to learn other than through errors. Sometimes, errors can be costly. That is why you need to avoid these marketing mistakes at all cost.

Not Marketing At All

The first mistake in marketing is ‘not marketing.’ Before setting out to start this business, you first need to equip yourself with a marketing strategy. One common similarity between successful companies is that they always have a marketing strategy. If you want to find yourself in that rank, then you need to do the same.

What marketing does is expose you to potential clients who might not know you exist. If you don’t market yourself or your business, they probably won’t know about your business or services that you offer.

At this stage, it is assumed that you have already acquired the necessary skills and kits. Through your feasibility study or business plan, you have also known your target market. You might have even gained valuable experience through a mentor. But no matter how exceptional you or your services are, you won’t soar high without any marketing.

Once you have start marketing, that is the first step building a client base, pricing strategy, and a substantial income stream.

Stopping Marketing When You Have Work

No matter how full your hands are, never but a promotion on the back-burner. Often time, lots of jobs can seem like a pretty time to take some breath from marketing. However, it shouldn’t be. Through marketing, you will be able to pay this month mortgage. During the good times, it helps you pay the mortgage in six months.

A successful and healthy business is self-sustainable. When you indulge in emergency marketing, you get rushed and pressured. That is the moment when mistakes are at its peak. If you build marketing time into your schedule when the cupboard is full, you can pace your plans so that you do a little regularly rather than a lot all at once. It is one of the best ways to market, not necessarily during the good or bad time.

Marketing Via A Single Platform

Another common mistake editing and proofreading businesses make are utilizing one platform for their marketing purposes. Though this is better than no marketing at all, it is risky. When that platform fails, so does your business. Many businesses out there have an official website from which they market and stay in touch with their client. Since this website is totally in your control, it should be one of the sources used for marketing. Making this possible will cost you no doubt. You will need a domain name and a host, which will cost you some bucks.

Another source you can utilize when marketing is social media. In this era where social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is ruling, having social handles that market your services will be the wisest choice.

Most of these platform offers businesses the opportunity to run adverts or campaign for just a few bucks. Delving into an advert, you will need to decide if it will be;

  • Short term
  • Medium-term
  • Long term

Whichever one you choose, have in mind that it is your money that will make that possible. Even if you have discovered one channel that is continuously spilling in clients to your table, don’t restrict yourself from exploring other platforms. You don’t have to stay comfortable, not yet! One of the benefits of having more than one channel is to have something to fall back on in cases of failure. More opportunities mean more choice.

Focusing Attention In The Wrong Place

One of the mistakes new entrants make is focusing the attention of their potential client in the wrong place. Your client doesn’t need to know if you have acquired any paid work yet, especially when you haven’t. He doesn’t need to see if you are still undergoing training. Your client doesn’t need to know those, because they don’t represent you in the best light.

Rather than bombard him with those turn-offs, make him focus on the stand-out qualities, in a client-centric way.

A client should focus on the fact that you specialize in solving writing problems and so many other services which you offer. Whatever fact that doesn’t make you compelling should be avoided. Show potential clients that you can solve their problem. Make it all about them, and you will do amazingly in business. In a few words, sell your positives, not your negatives.

Ignoring Traditional Marketing Methods

Before the invention of the World Wide Web, editorial professionals had to promote their services using postal services, telephone, face to face methods or through the local newspaper. Those methods were very effective then and are still useful today. Don’t make the mistakes of ignoring them. Many of your clients might not be on social media. They might not even know about your website or social handles. To add them to your list of clients, utilize these traditional methods, and you will be amazed at the result. Have in mind that not all potential clients trust the internet. By going to them face to face, you will have better chances of convincing them than online.

Summing Up

Marketing might seem like a daunting and scary journey. That feeling is entirely normal! However, you should never avoid it if you want to be discovered. Discover your marketing strategy, and market yourself irrespective of whether the time is good or not. Don’t also forget to utilize as many platforms as possible. That will be an edge you will never regret. To emerge successful and reputable, avoid these mistakes, and you will be on your way to the top as one of the trusted professional in the field of editing and proofreading.

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